The Best Plants To Give Any Fence Privacy With A Beautiful Green Screen

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Fencing is a good way to improve your home and there are many options for designs. There are also things that can be done to improve the look of a plain fence or add privacy to your home. If you want to give your fencing a natural makeover, green screens will give you privacy and an attractive upgrade. Here are some of the best plants to give you ideas to give fencing attractive green screens that give them an attractive appearance and more privacy:

1. Training Roses for A Greenscreen From Spring, Through Fall

Roses are a great solution to give your fence an attractive green screen. The rose bushes that are planted near a fence can be trained and shaped to make your fence more attractive and add privacy throughout the fall months. Roses will require a lot of care and will not provide greenery for winter but all the warm month's roses can bloom. It is important to choose hardy roses that will withstand diseases and cold weather. In addition, mini roses can be good for lower areas, while for higher green screens you will want to use long-stem species and other full-sized rose bushes that have woody stems; after years of pruning and training them to grow.

2. Evergreen Shrubs to Create an Attractive Greenscreen All Year

Evergreen shrubs are a good solution to give your fence a greenscreen that will be full all year. There are different types of evergreen shrubs, which some species may require training them to grow up fencing or other supporting structure to provide the greenscreen that you want to add to your property. Other species of evergreen shrubs will grow more like trees, but they will still require care and shaping by using pruning methods to get them to grow in the way you want to create an attractive green screen for your fence.

3. Vines and Climbing Plants That Will Quickly Cover Your Fence with Greenery

If you want to have a greenscreen that slowly takes over your fence, then vines and other climbing plants are a good choice. Ivy is great, but it grows quickly and will require regular cutting to keep it attractive. Other vines like grapes are seasonal and will require seasonal pruning and care to ensure they are healthy. Like roses, grape vines and other seasonal climbing plants will only be full and green during the warmest months of the year.

These are some ideas that will help to give attractive green screens to upgrade your fence with more privacy. If you have a deer population around your home, contact a fencing service like York Fence Co and talk with them about using dear fencing to protect green privacy screens.