Ask Your Residential Fencing Contractor For Help With These Projects, Too

Posted on: 18 May 2017

If you're thinking about a backyard makeover and want to have a fence installed, take some time to find the right fencing contractor. It's worthwhile to speak to a few contractors around town, look at examples of their work, and discuss your project at length. If you're confident that you've found the right contractor for your fence, you may wish to discuss some other backyard projects at the same time. Many fencing contractors can also provide other building services, and you'll save time and potentially money by hiring one contractor for a series of projects. Here are some other projects to inquire about.


A gazebo can add a comfortable sitting and eating spot to your backyard that can help you and your family get out of the sun and keep away from flies and other pests when you're eating. It's visually appealing if your backyard gazebo matches your fence, and when you hire the same contractor to build this structure and build your fence, you can count on the two separate projects matching well. There are a number of different styles of gazebo to consider, and you may even wish to have this structure incorporated into the fence.


A deck can be another key element of a backyard renovation, and while you can certainly hire a contractor who specializes in decks, many fencing contractors can offer this service, too. As with a gazebo, you might wish to have your deck built in a style that matches well with your fence. For example, if you're going with wide-plank cedar fencing, a deck finished with wide-plank cedar boards will look sharp. Your deck can range from a simple structure just a few inches off the ground to one that includes rails, stairs, built-in seating and storage, and more.


A pergola is a structure that many people enjoy having in the backyard. This arch can be used in a variety of ways. It can be incorporated into your fence, for example — and in this case, it certainly makes sense to have the project completed by your fencing contractor. You can also place a pergola in your garden or elsewhere in your yard as a decorative element. Some homeowners enjoy planting climbing plants at the base of the pergola. By the end of the summer, this wooden structure will be covered in vegetation with blooms or fruit that you and your family can enjoy.

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