3 Subtle Signs Your Old Wooden Fence Needs Repairing Or Replacing

Posted on: 10 July 2017

If you have an old wooden fence surrounding your property, you may wonder if the time has come to replace it. If so, look for the following three subtle signs that your wooden fence is damaged and either needs to be repaired or replaced:

Cross Planks Are Starting to Sag

While looking at sections of your fence, you may see several cross planks that appear to be sagging. You may even see the supporting posts leaning towards these sagging boards.

After constant exposure to rain, ice, and sun, the wood of your fence can become worn out. As a result, it may no longer be able to hold up the weight of itself. The boards will start to bend and sag, pulling the posts towards them.

If left this way, the boards will eventually start to splinter. After a strong wind or ice storm, they may even break completely.

If only a few boards are sagging, you may need only replace the affected ones. However, if you see the issue throughout the entire structure, the fence may need replacing.

Wood Is Soft to the Touch

Another sign that your wooden fence is in need of professional attention is when the wood becomes soft to the touch. You may even be able to scrape off the surface layer with your fingernails.

If the wood on your fence has become soft, this is a sign that the wood has started to rot. If the rotting boards are not replaced, they can affect any solid boards nearby with their constant moisture, making the other wood rot as well.

All affected boards will eventually completely deteriorate. The rotting wood can also lead to a termite infestation, as discussed in the next section.

Small Holes Appear on the Surface

Wherever you notice soft or rotting wood, also look for small holes in the surface of the boards and posts. You may also see what appears to be sawdust on the ground below the holes.

Because the wood has become soft, termites are drawn to it. The insects find areas of rotting wood desirable because it makes burrowing and eating the wood easier.

Boards that are infested with termites need to be replaced before the insects venture to the surrounding ones. Depending on the size of the infestation, you may even need to replace the entire fence to get rid of them.

If you find one or more of the above signs of damage to your fence, you should have a professional inspect it. Contact a wooden fence service so they can determine the extent of deterioration and discuss their recommendations with you for either repairing the damage or replacing the entire fence.

Contact local wood fence services for more information and assistance.